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Dental Veneers redlandbay

Dental crowns generally are required when a tooth has lost a significant amount of tooth structure or following root canal treatment. A crown is basically a cap that encloses a weakened tooth thereby prolonging its life. A veneer is similar to a crown but only covers one surface of the tooth and is generally made for aesthetic reasons such as changing the colour or shape of upper front teeth.

Well maintained crowns and veneers can last and function for many years. Typically crowns and veneers are constructed and inserted over two appointments. During the first appointment the tooth is prepared and an impression and colour match done. The impression is sent to the lab who then constructs the crown or veneer. Crown and Veneers can be made using a wide range of materials ranging from gold alloys to porcelain. Our dentists at Cornubia Dental will discuss the relevant options available and advise which one will suit your circumstance the best. During the time the lab is constructing your crown or veneers a temporary restoration is fitted. At Cornubia Dental we only use Australian based labs ensuring that the quality of materials and workmanship is of the highest standard. At the second appointment the crown or veneer is inserted and checked to ensure a long lasting restoration.

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