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Dental Emergencies


stock-photo-15179922-woman-with-toothacheDespite taking preventative measures, there is always the possibility of an unexpected emergency. At Cornubia Dental Surgery, we know this and so keep aside appointments each day for those unwelcome sudden dental problems.Our Surgery treat dental emergencies very seriously.

From broken or fractured teeth, to extractions and acute wisdom tooth pain, our highly skilled and extensively trained dentists can help to get you smiling again.

As well as alleviating your immediate pain, we can offer you the best long-term solutions to ensure that you can avoid similar dental emergencies in the future.

If you are currently experiencing any kind of unusual dental pain, have broken a tooth, knocked a tooth out or any other dental emergency then don’t hesitate to call Cornubia Dental Surgery – our friendly team will fit you in and get you the help you need.

Call now on 07 32877 999 to “book an emergency appointment straight away” !!

Now Cornubia Dental Surgery is open on Weekends and Public Holidays for Emergencies.