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Dental BridgesDental bridges are fixed appliances that can replace one or more teeth. A dental bridge spans the gap between teeth and can be supported either side by a natural tooth or a dental implant. At the first appointment teeth either side of the gap are prepared, a colour match is done and an impression is then taken and sent to the lab. Following this the lab constructs the bridge and sends the bridge back ready for us to insert at the second appointment. At Cornubia Dental we only use Australian based labs ensuring that the quality of materials and workmanship is of the highest standard.

We are dedicated to offer patients the most up-to-date advice and it is for this reason that we may recommend against a dental bridge in favour of a dental implant. This is because an implant does not need the support of adjacent teeth thereby eliminating the need to cut into them and is therefore more conservative. However, each case is treated individually and our Dentists will provide all the relevant treatment options to allow patients to choose which one best suits their circumstance.